We were told that November is offseason. Quiet season. Grey season.

Well, we’ve experienced otherwise. Loads of sun, fresh snow, and not many people on the slopes. In other words, perfect. To be honest, if you are not bound to school holidays, I highly recommend to come in November. Prices are lower, and the conditions are great.


While lower laying areas are in a grey and wet period between winter and autumn, Saas Fee is a winter wonderland

Nice and powdery snow all around. On the slopes (especially on the Längfluh side) we got loads sun. The restaurants are closed because of COVID but they offer food- and drink takeaway options. People just sit around where the terraces used to be.


Between 10.00 and 14.30 you’ll get the most and easiest amount of sun. This year, in 2020, we only had a hand-full of grey days in November. The chart below shows the average number of sun hours per month. November is supposed to have 100 hours – which is an average of 3 hours a day. It feels more like 6 to be honest.
Average monthly sunhours in Sion, Switzerland   Copyright © 2020 www.weather-and-climate.com
Chalet Tannegg has all day sun. The photos below are taken from our balcony at 9.30 (the sun is bright on the left side which you don’t see) and it will be all day sunny until it goes behind the mountains around 16.00 now. You can see that there’s no snow in the park but this can change overnight. Snow-cannons are already preparing the lower slopes (that go into the village) so that you can ski all the way from Mittel Allalin 3500 Meter to Saas Fee 1800 Meter.