Welcome to Chalet Tannegg

A delightful three-story wooden chalet situated in the heart of Saas-Fee, Wallis, Switzerland. Built in the 1960s, our chalet houses five cozy apartments, each brimming with charm.

We are Triin & Tom, your hosts, who proudly took ownership of the chalet in July 2020, embarking on an exciting new journey.

Over the past few years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to thoughtfully renovating Chalet Tannegg, always seeking innovative ways to enhance both the property and the experiences of our cherished guests. While modern improvements have been carefully integrated, we’ve made a conscious decision to preserve and celebrate many of the chalet’s original elements.

Our goal is to remain faithfully connected to the traditional Swiss charm that makes our chalet uniquely enchanting. By marrying the old with the new, we aim to offer a stay that is both comfortably modern and richly authentic, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in the delightful essence of Swiss alpine culture.

The chalet is conveniently located just 30 meters from the parking area. This is a notable advantage in the car-free village of Saas-Fee, ensuring that your arrival is as smooth and effortless as possible, without the need for long walks or the use of electro-taxis with your luggage.

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Chalet Tannegg Exterior

Tannegg and Sustainability

In our stewardship of Chalet Tannegg, sustainability is at the forefront. We deeply value our natural surroundings and are committed to preserving its beauty and vitality. 

At Chalet Tannegg, our journey towards sustainability is both a commitment and a our personal passion. As parents of young children, we’re dedicated to fostering a greener, more sustainable future, engaging in a multitude of activities designed meticulously to reduce our ecological footprint. We consciously adopt eco-friendly practices and are continually evolving to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some key initiatives that illustrate our commitment to sustainability:

Solar Roof

Our chalet features a discreetly designed solar roof that seamlessly integrates with the building’s aesthetic. At a glance, one might not notice it, but the roof is a powerful component of our sustainability efforts. Although it doesn’t make us entirely energy-neutral, it significantly contributes to our energy efficiency, allowing us to generate roughly 50% of our total energy consumption in-house. This thoughtful integration of technology brings us a considerable step closer to a more sustainable and self-sufficient operation.

Heatpump instead of Oil

In Saas Fee, the use of oil heaters remains a common practice, with many still being installed today. Tannegg also was equipped with one. However, we couldn’t in good conscience continue using an oil heater. Therefore, one of our initial actions was to transition to an air-water heat pump. This change allows us to use electricity, eliminating the need to burn oil for heating and warming drinking water, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable operation.

And more

  • The integration of smart radiator valves equipped with remote control, intelligent scheduling, and open-window detection optimizes our heating efficiency, minimizing energy waste.
  • We avoid single-use plastics and packaging in our chalet. Multi-use amenities such as hand soap and shampoo are offered to our guests.
  • Our commitment to energy efficiency shines brightly with the exclusive use of LED lights throughout Tannegg.
  • All radiators are low-heat, energy-efficient versions, moving away from the older models initially designed for high-temperature oil heaters.
  • Recycled toilet paper, no plastic on the teabags, refillable cleaning detergents for the cleaning team, and environmentally friendly washing strips are all part of our effort to be as sustainable as possible.

Each of these initiatives reflects our commitment to fostering an environment within Chalet Tannegg that is as sustainable as it is comfortable and inviting.

Help us making Tannegg even greener?

If you have any innovative suggestions or ideas to help further reduce the environmental footprint of Tannegg, we would be thrilled to hear them. Your insights will be highly valued as we continuously strive to make our chalet more harmonious with the environment. Together, let’s collaborate to enhance commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.



Chalet Tannegg
Parkstrasse 22
Saas Fee, Switzerland

Telefoon +41 78 638 83 34
Email info@chalet-tannegg.com

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