Chalet Tannegg

Chalet Tannegg is a charming 3 floor wooden home in the village of Saas-Fee in Wallis Switzerland. It was originally built in ’60s and it is home to 5 apartments.

In July 2020 we, Triin & Tom, your hosts, bought the chalet and started our new journey

The building is situated on its own grounds, 30 meters away from the parking area which is very convenient given that the Saas-Fee is completely car-free. No need for a long walk with your suitcase or using electro-taxis.

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Chalet Tannegg Exterior

Tannegg and Sustainability

Unfortunately, travelling is not the most sustainable activity one can do. We are very aware of that. Fortunately, most of our guests come by train/bus. Saas Fee also has a charging station for electric cars.

We are environmentally conscious and think about reducing the impact on the environment with every decision we make. 

What does Tannegg Do for the environment. Some examples:

  • We replaced the oil heating system with a heat pump (air-water) to heat the drink water and radiators
  • We use recycled toilet paper (but still soft 🙂
  • Avoid single-use (plastic) packaging (such as the multi-use hand- and bath soap and shampoo we offer our guests)
  • Only LED lights throughout Tannegg
  • Smart Radiator valves with remote control, smart scheduling, and open-window detection.

Large renovation planned in Sprint 2022

The 3rd floor still need renovation. That’s why we are closed during this period.

  • Replace the roof with integrated solar panels. The current roof needed replacement. This is an ideal opportunity to replace the roof with a solar roof. It is expensive but the right thing to do.
  • Replace all radiators for low-heat, low energy versions (the current radiators are still the old ones that are designed for high temperature (oil heaters) systems.

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Chalet Tannegg
Parkstrasse 22
Saas Fee, Switzerland

Telefoon +41 78 638 83 34

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