The Swiss village of Saas Fee is known for its breathtaking mountain peaks, and for good reason. Located in the Valais canton of Switzerland, Saas Fee is surrounded by 13 majestic four-thousanders (mountains with an elevation of 4,000 meters or higher).

These peaks are some of the most impressive in the entire Alps, and offer some of the best skiing and mountaineering in Europe. The most prominent peak in the area is the Dom, which stands at an incredible 4,545 meters (14,911 feet). The Dom is the highest peak in the Mischabel range and is one of the most popular mountains for climbers and skiers alike.

The other 12 four-thousanders in the region include the Lenzspitze (4,294m), the Alphubel (4,206m), the Nadelhorn (4,061m), the Täschhorn (4,042m), the Allalinhorn (4,027m), the Niesen (3,906m), the Breithorn (3,813m), the Stecknadelhorn (3,712m), the Strahlhorn (3,639m), the Blinnenhorn (3,543m), the Lagginhorn (3,520m) and the Fluchthorn (3,395m).

These peaks are some of the most iconic and stunning in the entire Alps. With their stunning panoramic views and challenging terrain, they draw climbers, mountaineers and skiers from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking to push yourself to your physical and mental limits or just want to take in the breathtaking beauty of the region, Saas Fee’s four-thousanders offer something for everyone.