Travel to Saas Fee

Saas-Fee is located in the south of Switzerland. By Car roughly 3 hours from Geneva, Zurich, or Milano. Saas-Fee can be reached easily by public transport. The last part is by a direct bus from Visp to Saas-Fee.

By train

You take the train to Visp, and then take the bus 511 to Saas-Fee. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes. Plan your trip via the SBB website: (Choose Saas-Fee, Busterminal as your destination). There are direct trains to Visp from all major cities and airports.

From the Busterminal (End station) it’s a 5 minute walk to Chalet Tannegg. When you leave the terminal, move straight and then right to walk up to the parking deck, and walk all the way to the back to enter the Parkstrasse. It’s the second building on the right. More info. 

By Car

Just type Saas-Fee in your navigation 🙂  Once you arrive, enter the parking garage and drive all the way to the top, to the upper outside deck and go to the right. At the end of the car-park, you can unload your luggage – using the invalid parking spots for a couple of minutes (please don’t leave the car there afterwards). Walk into the street, and it is the second house on the right. More info

By Plane

We advise to fly to either Zurich or Geneva Airport. From there the train brings you to Visp in about 2.5-hour (direct connection, no transfers required). We also have a local airport, Sion, but this doesn’t have too many flights. Milano is also not too far from here, but public transport is less well connected. Once in Saas Fee, you can walk to Tannegg in 5 minutes. 


Chalet Tannegg
Parkstrasse 22
Saas Fee, Switzerland

Telefoon +41 78 638 83 34

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