Congratulations on booking your holiday at Chalet Tannegg in Saas Fee!

To finalize the booking, some administrative parts need to be organized.

Important! Every group is obliged by local authorities to fill out this form, prior to arrival. This is connected to the Visitor’s Tax. 

Prices visitor’s Tax Saas Fee (Mandatory)

Saas-Fee charges everybody Visitor’s Tax (Kurtaxen) per person, per night. We, as accommodators, are requested to collect them from you. The tax is:

  • 7.00 CHF / person / night in Summer *
  • 4.50 CHF / person / night in Winter *

* Children from 6-16 years are half price.

More detailed information on the official Saas-Fee website:


In most cases, the channels (like Airbnb,, Saas Fee website) do not charge the tourist tax during the booking process. Therefore we have to do this in a separate transaction.

When you booked through our website, we can charge your credit card. Through all other channels, we ask you to use one of the payment options that are available here:

    SaastalCard (Optional)

     Upon request, we can offer you the Saastal-Card. Mainly in summer, this is attractive as it gives you access for free to the Cable Cards.

    The SaastalCard costs 3.80 Per Person per night, and half the price for children from 6- 16 years old.

    The SaastalCard can be printed, or stored digitally in your smartphone wallet (like in the image here).

    Read all the details on the official Saas Fee website:

    Calculation examples prices

    3 adults for 7 nights in Summer without Saastal-Card
    98.00 CHF (3 (persons) * 7 (nights) * 7.00 CHF)

    2 adults for 7 nights in Summer with Saastal-Card:
    CHF 151.20 (2 (persons) * 7 (nights) * (7.00 + 3.80 CHF))












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    Parkstrasse 22
    Saas Fee, Switzerland

    Telefoon +41 78 638 83 34

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