Chalet Tannegg is a multifamily home in Saas Fee that is rented out primarily for short term holiday stays.

Chalet Tannegg
Parkstrasse 22
3906 Saas Fee

Chalet Tannegg is privately owned by

Thomas Desmet
Burgrain 37
8706 Meilen

+41 786 388 334

The website and all other marketing activities are managed by Thomas Desmet.


Payment options

Any payments can be done by one of the following methods 

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. PayPal (also allows Credit Cards)
  3. TWINT (Swiss Only)
Bank transfer

Holder: Thomas Willem Jozef Desmet
Parkstrasse 22, 3907, Saas Fee, Switzerland
IBAN: CH46 0029 4294 1138 6540 D

For Swiss guests, you can scan the QR-code with your Mobile Banking App so that you do not have to enter the information manually.



PayPal for Chalet Tannegg

Use the following link to wire money to our Paypal account.


TWINT is a Swiss payment app. Scan the QR Code with the TWINT app on your mobile phone to wire money to Chalet Tannegg.

QR Code for TWINT



Chalet Tannegg
Parkstrasse 22
Saas Fee, Switzerland

Telefoon +41 78 638 83 34

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