Our response to COVID-19

These are the additional measures we take to protect our guests and staff against the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Enhanced cleaning protocol (as described below)
  2. Hand disinfection dispenser in the hallway
  3. Door handles touch-points in common and shared spaces are disinfected frequently
  4. Mouth caps in common spaces are mandatory for everybody (for the owners, guests, staff, agents, representative, or third-parties)


COVID-19 cleaning protocol

On top of the regular cleaning, these are the additional measures.

To avoid cross-contamination

  • We work on strictly 1 apartment at the time
  • We wear a new mask for every apartment
  • We wear a fresh pair of latex gloves for every apartment
  • We empty and cleans the (bagless, with HEPA filter) vacuum cleaner between apartments

To disinfect high-touch areas

We sanitize high-touch surfaces and items and allow to air dry using a multi-surface disinfectant. This includes:

  • Door handles and knobs
  • Light- and other switches
  • Access code key-pads
  • TV Remote controls
  • Sink, bath, and shower faucets, toilet brush
  • The sink basin
  • LED Mirror buttons
  • Toilet buttons, seat, and surface
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Radiator knobs and thermostats
  • Shelves
  • Windowsills and handles
  • Kitchen appliances (such as coffee machine, toaster)
  • Handles of pans

Other measures

  • The floor is mopped with a disinfectant detergent
  • Cutlery and plates are put to the dishwasher before the next guest
  • Handlebars of pots and pans are disinfected
  • Extra aeration during the cleaning
  • Any (non-fresh) restocking materials have been quarantined for a minimum of 5 days
  • After cleaning the room, it will not be entered by anyone.




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